Set your mind!

Mindset. An extremely hip word, that happens to be everywhere. But what does it mean? What is it all about? What should you do with it? My thoughts create my mind, so what should I ‘set’?

‘Mindset’ is about the way you are thinking. A point of view, an opinion, an idea in which you believe. Totally fine by me! I’m always explaining how you need black and white to create grey. You can definitely be firm about your point of view and believe it to be true. It’s your belief system, so it’s your truth. As long as you realize it’s not the whole truth which is valid for everyone. This is where we should start mixing black and white. Here we need the grey nuance. But how do you think grey? Why do you need to think grey? And what are the results? Read more on what a workshop in thinking grey entails, can bring you and which mindset you will need to do so.


Kids are naturally curious, want to know every single thing and have a great passion for learning. Maybe you can still remember from your own childhood or you see the passion in your nephew or your friends daughter. All the questions they can ask to which you already know the answers, but which answers blow their minds. Passionate, determined and like a sponge they soak up their surroundings and everything in it. And then there’s the phase where only one answer isn’t enough: Why? But why? But why is that? And when they’ve learned they can also ask: What for? But what for? But what for is that? A kid is an ultimate grey thinker. Want to apply thinking grey even more? Be curious like a kid!

Unfortunately, this passion disappears at some point. But why is that? I will share my thoughts on that some other time. It’s sad but true and Carol Dweck has a nice theory on this. In her theory the approaches kids on how they think about themselves. But it’s also applicable to adults. Because the current adults were the kids from before and todays kids are the adults from the future. There are two way in which you can have set your mind. It’s a way of thinking. The way in which you look at yourself, you see yourself, and you believe who you are. There are two mindsets; a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.


A fixed mindset says it all already. You believe you qualities, talents, skills and intelligence are unchangeable. It’s fixed. You’re born with a certain level of IQ and a set of skills and that’s it. A fixed mindset comes with a few obstacles. Bare with me. So you’re talents are fixed, meaning you’re either good in something or not. If you are good in something, you’d rather be perfect. Because making mistakes isn’t an option. That will make you look stupid. You believe you can’t get better by training, practicing and/or learning. It doesn’t work. When you don’t have a certain skill, you won’t obtain it and you’re just bad at it. That’s why you will focus on the things you’re really good at. This makes you feel good and smart. A natural doesn’t need to work hard to get the best results!*

With a growth mindset you’re convinced you will get better once your challenged. Mistakes will learn you new stuff and make you better at it. Failing is a way of feedback from which you can only learn. This mindset has a great passion for learning. Being curious for the unknown. The things you don’t know yet, but are able to learn. Your talents are only the starting point from which you can continue growing and developing through experiences.


Your mindset can be changed! But how do you do so? This is where we have to start thinking grey. With a workshop in thinking grey you will experience the change of your mindset. I believe your mindset isn’t the same in every situation. So you can have a growth mindset in some situations and others will have you have a fixed mindset. To shift between mindsets is something we hardly ever experience. So we’re not really familiar with it. In my workshop I force you to think black and white, be firm and take a stand without being able to explain yourself. Because I’m forcing you, you will develop the need to explain your point of view or ask someone to explain their perspective. Because you are experiencing and enduring this will feel natural, instead of me telling you to do or try to think differently. This experience will learn you to be more aware and open minded in your approach to people and situations. Especially when you notice the different points of view, opinions and ideas involved in certain situations and interactions.

Would you like to know more about the workshop in thinking grey? Please feel free to contact me and ask for more information.

* Do you recognize the fixed mindset and the obstacles you might have to endure because of this mindset? Read my blog I’mperfection, on perfectionism.
** While writing this blog I got this song stuck in my head. So eventually I just played it. If you don’t have a clue which song I’m talking about or you actually want to listen to is as well, here you go: George Harrison – Got my mind set on you!