This is me!

Be bold, think creative and make a difference.

This has been my motto for a while. Without guts I would never had dared to start my own company. It took some time and a few considerations, but sometimes you just have to do it. ‘Just be Nike! Just do it!’ And I did and I’m proud of myself and Think GreyT. It’s scary, but gives a great energy boost if I get to teach and coach. And the result is phenomenal. Touching and inspiring people to be aware of how to think, act and eventually live.

My work strives from my passion for learning through experiences. Always use a healthy amount of self reflection and lot’s of creativity. My glass is never half empty, not even half full. I always refill it! Dealing with complex issues with creativity offers the possibility to come up with a solution or answer in a playful way. And experiencing it yourself will help find a new way of thinking.


With my work I want to touch, inspire people and make them aware on how they think. After my studies, both for applied science and my master, I belief I can combine the best of both worlds in my work. Combining practical experiences with my ability to analyse and my urge for knowledge. I’m a qualified teamcoach and recently graduated as a teacher in Social Science to expand my expertise as coach and trainer.

Are you looking for an all-round coach, an enthusiastic speaker or an inspiring trainer/teacher? That’s me! Please contact me to talk about all the possibilities.