As a trainer at Think GreyT and teacher in Social Science, I developed and taught different workshops and learning tracks. On this page you may find an overview of all the workshops that I give and the topics in which I can develop other workshops, classes or learning tracks.

Grey thinking
– Learn how to consciously open minded approach people and situations.
– Learn how to actively listen and ask directed questions from a curious attitude.
– Learn to explore, know and evaluate your own perspectives.
– Learn to perceive other perspective free of judgement.
Dealing with perfectionisme
– Learn to understand perfectionism better.
– Learn to discover your own qualities behind your perfectionism.
– Learn to be proud of your perfectionism and use is in a healthy way.
Giving and receiving feedback
– Learn to give feedback in a comfortable way.
– Learn to be comfortable with receiving feedback.
– Learn to invite to receive feedback which will be given in a comfortable way.
– Learn to discover the features of persuasion.
– Learn to apply these features with confidence.
– Learn to use your pitfalls in presenting.
– Learn to know your own negativity.
– Learn to recognize with aspects are helping in thinking optimistically.
– Learn how to flip nightmare scenario’s.

You can think of; communication theory, conversation and models, and personal communication.
Social Skills
You can think of; assertiveness, stipulate and keep boundaries, dealing with critic, and recognize and regulate emotions.
Study Skills
You can think of; planning, reading effectively , writing purposeful, and assess resources.
Personal Leadership
You can think of; decisiveness, creativity, solution-oriented thinking, and collaborating.
Group dynamics
You can think of; theory on group dynamics, dealing with resistance, targeted interventions, and intervision.

Are you curious which workshops or teaching tracks I can give or develop for you? Feel free to contact me to talk about the possibilities.