Want tot test your curiosity by listening to me and question me about grey thinking? That’s possible. I give interactive presentations to talk about my concept, the practical application of it and all of this happens while experiencing grey thinking.

€ 145,- (1 hour)*

Want to experience more? More grey thinking? With this inspiring workshop you will be confronted by your own black&white thoughts, you will experience the need to think grey and will learn how to apply this directly in your (work)life.
Different need for your team development? Let me know and we can discuss these needs to customize a workshop.

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Is there a lot more going on in your team? Nobody is listening to each other, confrontation is avoided, collaborating is labored or there is something else going on? It can help to approach your colleague’s with an open mind, which will improve a pleasant work environment and eventually the results. A team coach track with a grey perspective.

Let’s discuss all options

Curious to what I can offer your team? Please don’t hesitate to contact me and discuss all options.

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