Do you want to test your curiosity by hearing me talk about thinking grey and asking me any question about it? That’s possible! I provide interactive presentations to tell you everything about my concept, in which situations it’s needed as well as experiencing thinking grey.

€ 750,- (1 hour)*

Want the whole Think GreyT Experience? With an inspiring workshop you will get confronted with your own black and white thoughts, you will experience the need to think grey and you will apply this directly in your own situations.

€ 2.250,- (3 hours)*

Is there something going in your team? No one is listening to each other, confrontations are avoided, your team isn’t collaborating, or there’s something else missing? Consciously approaching your colleagues open minded will help to achieve a greater work environment and a better team result. Team coaching with a grey experience.

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Are you curious on what I can offer your team? Feel free to contact me to talk about the possibilities.

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