Thinking grey?

Consciously being open minded in your approach to people and situations

A concept originated from frustration. I had enough of everyone being firm in their opinions, the lack of understanding, the black and white discussions, where everyone is talking and no one is listening. Do we really not understand each other? Or aren’t we trying hard enough to understand each other? I belief it’s the last reason. But by being consciously open minded in our approach to people and situations, you will get closer together. Thinking grey will get people closer together.

For me thinking grey is the base to understand, experience and master new things. It contains two basic principles. Curiosity and revealing perspective. Curiosity is about asking questions, actively listening to the answers given and asking more questions. To reveal perspectives it’s important to reconsider your own perspectives and questioning  other perspectives without judgment.

Grey thinking will offer possibilities and solutions for teams, but also personal insights and epiphanies. That’s why ThinkGreyT offers various services for the different target audiences, GreyTeam and GreyThinker and GreyTeaching.

Are you curious on what I can offer you or your team? Feel free to contact me to talk about the possibilities.

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